Itinerario provisional

The itinerary

Información adicional

If anything, the Mongol Rally means freedom. It is no race, and multiple routes can be taken depending on what you are keen to see, experiment; or simply how much time is available to spare. 

Some teams decide to go north bordering the Scandinavian peninsula on their way to Russia, this is usually known as the northern route. If you are short on time, you can choose to go central through Ukraine into Russia. The most interesting route in my opinion is the southern route which is the one I will be covering.

Because of geopolitical conflicts, sometimes these routes must be well-planned in advanced. The organisation warns you once you signed in that they will not hold any kind of responsibility whatever is to happen to the teams. There is an obvious risk involved in doing the rally. Planning in advance is therefore essential for the teams to succeed. 

In my case and since I am travelling alone and with a motorcycle, I cannot take any additional risks other than necessary. My first draft route involved bordering the Caspian Sea through Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan. Soon I realised this detour could cause me trouble as Georgia and Russia have conflicts in the towns close to the border. This itinerary though, was convenient because I did not need any visas for any of the countries.